Namecheap did not acquire Handshake. That would be like saying Coinbase acquired Bitcoin. Namecheap bought 51% of namebase.io, which is just a website/marketplace for Handshake.

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A great article!

Well there are always mixed attributes of any model or a solution. With ICANN & their central authority Internet in the last three decades or so has grown exponentially. Remember, in the web2 world domains of any TLD or gTLD are not duplicated; they are not identical.

However, with web3 the ownership is permissionless but it opens up few obvious problems. Any person or an entity could create a TLD over any chain that could be duplicated making it heaven for squatters & chaos for the end users.

Future solutions should address to this problem

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Handshake is a free protocol and cannot be owned. Namecheap aquired Namebase, a startup built on Handshake. U might wanna correct that.

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