Token Terminal v2 is live!

Here's what's new

During the past two months, we’ve rebuilt the Token Terminal interface in an attempt to improve both the usability and functionality of the web application. 

This updated version enables us to add new projects and metrics in a more scalable manner than before. That is, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Intercom if you have a project & relevant data endpoints in mind.

Below, we’ll take a look at the different charts & features available on the updated version of the Terminal.

Key metrics charts

This section allows you to choose between different project-specific metrics and evaluate their correlation over different periods of time. 

The market cap button has a dropdown for both circulating & fully-diluted, and revenue for total, supply-side & protocol revenue (where applicable). We’ve replaced the GMV (the dollar amount that generates revenue) term with a project-specific one to make the charts easier to understand.

Revenue share charts

As we’ve highlighted before, we look at crypto protocols similar to traditional marketplace businesses.

Currently, we divide the revenue (total fees paid by demand-side users) into three different categories:

  1. Total revenue (total trading fees / interest paid)

  2. Supply-side revenue (the amount of total revenue that goes to liquidity providers / lenders)

  3. Protocol revenue (the amount of total revenue that goes to tokenholders)

Composition charts

The composition charts allow you to go deeper on the different project-specific metrics to better evaluate their quality. 

For example, does the majority of a lending protocol’s revenue come from only a few markets or is the revenue-generation more evenly spread across multiple markets?

Competitive landscape charts

The competitive landscape charts allow you to select multiple projects and a metric and compare their performance over different time periods. 

For example, you might want to compare different lending protocols based on their historical price to sales (P/S) ratio.

Access the underlying datasets

Finally, the paid version of Token Terminal gives researchers & analysts at venture capital funds, hedge funds, family offices, banks, consulting firms, universities, etc. access to the underlying datasets in both excel and csv formats. 

The early subscribers to the Pro version are also granted API access to the data available on the website.

You can check out a sample (excel file) of our daily master sheet here.